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Need the 2 brackets for v6 merc cowl bottoms & hi-po reed cages!!

Looking for a motor, special parts, gauges, or anything. Make your request here.
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The new guy
The new guy
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Need the 2 brackets for v6 merc cowl bottoms & hi-po reed cages!!

Post by Igotmyvirage » Sep 15, 2016 12:46 pm

Hi everyone,
I was hoping maybe someone had a set of the front and rear brackets that bolt to the 2piece fishing motor exhaust plates that hold the 2piece bottom part of the engine cowl in place that they could part with!!? Oh and I also need the rubber mounts that are tapered and fit into the bottom cowl halves...
I had a sweet alien cowl that came on my new to me Virage but I had to sell the outboard to pay back the loan to buy the boat in the 1st place.... The guy I bought it from threw in the 2 bottom cowls and the drop on top cowl but I forgot to ask about the brackets....

So anyways, please let me know if you have or know someone that has these parts, thank you very much!
also while im asking-- im in need of a set of 6 of the hi-po 7petal reed cages if anyone has any of those as well... That's all I need to be able to get to try my dream boat out once the glass work is done!!!
And if someone would rather trade for sledging they want or need give got a few V6 mMerc parts I would be happy to trade -- but cash works best..
Thank you again for any help or leads to getting my baby- I mean my Virage on the water!!! I love this site and really hope it continues to grow!!

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