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Latest web site update (March 25th 2017) and new features.

Any updates, changes, or site related info will be found here.
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Latest web site update (March 25th 2017) and new features.

Post by Hippie459MN » Mar 25, 2017 1:07 am

Well, looks like the update update went pretty smooth. This one was a pretty big update and took a lot of work to make sure everything is working as it should. So far, I haven't spotted any problems but then again, I am only one set of eyes so if anyone sees anything, please let me know so I can fix it right away.

Also, along with this update are a few new things.

1. A fresh new look. I hope everyone likes it.

2. A new super slick and easy to use form in the classifieds section. Only two sections utilize it. Hydrostream Hulls for sale, and Non-Hydrostream Hulls for sale. More info on how to use it can be found here - How to post your boat/hull in the classifieds section

3. Posting of media link such as youtube. No longer do you need to use a YouTube or Media button or copy some big long goofy string of code to post videos. This allows users to embed content from allowed sites using a [media] BBCode (The little TV icon on the posting page), or from simply posting a supported URL in plain text. Super simple. The web site will do the rest for you.

4. Web site is much more responsive making it much more mobile friendly so it should look and work great on just about any device and no messing around with mobile and desktop versions. It will just work on anything! By the way, it looks amazing on my phone now.

I know there is more and I will add it as soon as I remember it but its late and I have been working on this for a solid 13 hours (except for 3 hours when I went to pick up the kiddo) so things are starting to get a little fuzzy.

Hope you all enjoy it!

P.S. How could everyone let me go 8 whole years with a typo on the web site. It was right in plain sight the whole time and not one mention of it ever. Its fixed now though. Just a missing letter. It was the "Restorations, WIP, Makeovers" section. It was "Resorations, WIP, Makeovers". Can you spot the missing letter?
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Hydrostream Addict
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Re: Latest web site update (March 25th 2017) and new features.

Post by transomstand » Mar 25, 2017 5:10 am

I thought resorations was a word???? :roll:

Site looks great :up: New font will be much easier for old guys like Russ to read :pound:

Thanks Hip
Original owner 1975 Ventura II SE

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