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79 Hydrostream vector rebuild

Chat about anything boating or non boating here. Try to keep it clean.
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Getting my feet wet
Getting my feet wet
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79 Hydrostream vector rebuild

Post: # 26142Post seahorsemax »

Hey Guys ,
I am in process of rebuild of 79 vector , I had the middle pad filled and straighten as i did my last 79 vector many many years ago . Has any one straighten , the next set of chimes , I saw they had the hook in them like the very bottom had , just wondering if the next set of chines were strait would it help eliminate the side to side rock while throttling to WFO. I have also cut and removed the floor and balsa core which was rotted as most are and plan to go back with coosa blue water 26 for stringers and floor if i put a floor back in it . Still need to cut old transom out and will also use composite on it as well . any input would be greatly appreciated . i will also post pics as i process thru this super awesome river ride . Got a 2.5 planned for power ,15 inch and sporty lower
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The new guy
The new guy
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Re: 79 Hydrostream vector rebuild

Post: # 26166Post PCS9136 »

How is the rebuild coming? Do you have any pics to post.
I just started redoing a 75 Vector a few months ago. The core is almost out, and I plan to start on the transom soon.
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Site Admin
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Re: 79 Hydrostream vector rebuild

Post: # 26167Post Hippie459MN »

The "hook" in the pad of the vector is actually a wedge and not a hook. Howard put that there as they were getting super flighty and the very slight wedge was helping keep the nose down without loosing any speed. The wedge is not a big wedge at all but enough to make them much more manageable. As for the chines, Im not sure what you mean by a hook in them. The chines are pretty much out of the water once you're up on the pad. If you are getting bad chine walk then the setup needs some work.
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