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Hello from NE Tennessee

Stop in and introduce yourself and say hello.
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HSF Lifetime Supporter
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Hello from NE Tennessee

Post by Streamer » Sep 08, 2015 6:43 pm

New to this forum, but not new to scooting across the top with tight knuckles on the wheel! :boating:

Been many years since I owned a quick boat, and after many years and both my little ones grown and gone...time for another project boat :D

Of the many boats I've owned since I was about 12 or 13, I've had 3 that were just for speed. Although EVERY boat I owned I tweaked the best I could and always overpowered the boat if I could! :up: When I was 14 or so I my father and I built one of those small 4x8 hydo's made from 2 sheets of plywood. The plans were a mail order thing back then. Put a 9.8 Merc on it at first, then a 20 Merc..don't have to tell you which one was more fun!

And 2 different size Checkmates at different times. A 15' that had a Merc 175, then a Merc 200. And an MX16 that I filled the motor well and put a home built 225 7 pedal motor on with all the tweaks I could muster up. Balanced the rotating assembly. smoothed the ports, drilled exhaust with no can in the mid, etc...
Also set that 225 back on a home made (buddy was a welder) 18" set back bracket with a hydraulic jack plate.
I knew the 18" bracket was a gamble, but it paid off. It did stabilize the tendency to chine walk some. Still had to pick your water though. Many sunrise runs just to catch some decent water without boat traffic and a 6" to 8" ripples.

Looking forward to good conversations and learning the tricks to restoring and driving these streams. :up:

Thank you,

79 Vector needs restore (on hold for now)
79 V-King getting restored (WIP)

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The new guy
The new guy
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Hello from NE Tennessee

Post by terry2 » Oct 03, 2015 10:09 pm


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