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New Viper Owner

Stop in and introduce yourself and say hello.
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New Viper Owner

Post by AdamDK » Jul 20, 2016 8:54 pm

Hello HSF Community,

Me: Adam. 40 years old, born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Grew up around cottages and boats, dreamed of owning a Hydrostream since I was 13 years old. I remember visiting Jim Tucker building the Canadian Editions in Hastings back in the late 80's. Gawd that place smelled. Always wanted a Voodoo. There were a couple on my lake, and being teenager at the time, I always saw it as the perfect boat.

More backstory. My father owned a 1970 J-craft with a 1970 Mercury 115hp Tower of Power. Loves that boat. 6 years ago, the 115 finally bit the dust. He lucked into getting a 82/83 150hp Merc XR2 (rebuilt sometime around 87-88). Man was that ever an improvement...for speed anyways. The 115 barely managed 45mph, but dad being a skier, only ever had a 17p cupped bronze ski prop. He never had another one to swap out when he wasn't skiing.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. J-craft was put in the water for the 2016 cottage season. Dad went out to warm her up, was bouncing around 55 when the motor dropped to 30 and then died. Managed to get it started up again but even with full throttle was doing 20. Died a hundred yards from the dock, never to restart again. Marina guy says the water pump failed, and the top 2 pistons are seized. Unsure if there is damage to the cylinder walls. Most likely however.

Now the J-craft is 46 years old. My dad swears to make it reach 50. The hunt for a new motor began. Weeks of sending links to Kijiji ads for 115's, 135's, 150's etc, I found an ad for a Viper with an early 80's Merc 115 strapped to the back. I told him "get this. Take the motor and put it on the J, lemme keep the boat to restore."
He went down to see the boat, specifically the motor, but it was still trailered and hadn't seen water yet this year. Dad thought about it and went home. A few days later he went back to see it as the owner had managed to get the motor hooked up to a hose so it could be started. Sounded good. Cowling off, inside looked good.

He bought it.

And now I have a boat. No motor mind you, but I told dad to keep the 150 as there's still tonnes of parts on it worth money, and is still possibly fixable.

She's ugly and beautiful at the same time. Looking forward to the restoration, and possibly competing with Kevin for the longest resto project yet. Ha.






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