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Faster Prop for V-King

Have questions about setting up your boat? Engine height, setback, prop, etc.
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Re: Faster Prop for V-King

Post: # 26402Post Hippie459MN »

Set back is the jack plate that bolts to the transom that you bolt the motor too. As for not having a cone on the lower, raise the motor up as high as you can without loosing water pressure. Blocking off the top one or two water intake holes on the lower can also help get it up higher without loosing water pressure. And get that steering tightened up and solid motor mounts will be your friend. No one said going fast was cheap or easy. lol

As you can see, my Vulture has a 10 inch plate on it. I might go to a 12 inch but not sure yet. These vultures LOVE the set back due to the cockpit being so far forward on them.

294089607_355575149909839_2124403472440013803_n.jpg (218.48 KiB) Viewed 263 times
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Re: Faster Prop for V-King

Post: # 26404Post vmpmike »

Joker Jake wrote: Aug 18, 2023 7:26 pm I do not have a lwp or nose cone. The prop shaft centerline is about 5' below the pad. I experimented with it up about 2" from there and 1" down from there.
When I got it back on the trailer I tried to wiggle the motor side to side and found some slop (hydraulic steering). This seems like a possible problem. Probably not bled well enough when I rerigged the boat.
Mostly I have read about people with porposing issues. Is this side to side roll unussual?
It could be if your engine mounts are worn too.
83 Vking
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