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Transom shape?

Have questions about fiberglass, gel-coat, or core repairs well as composite questions?
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Transom shape?

Post: # 22330Post AdamDK »

Just wondering what peoples opinions are on the "shape" of their transoms. Specifically, I'm curious as to how builders deal with having to wrap the fiberglass around the edge then bend it back to the hull by the "wing" area.

Do you bevel the side edges so it conforms to the shape of the hull?
Use a filler compound for the "triangle" area?
Bevel the opposite angle to make the glass conform easier?

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Re: Transom shape?

Post: # 22331Post Hippie459MN »

The transom on these are perfectly square. Super easy. Go look at my rebuild topic and you will see. For the edges, we used resin with cabosil in it and just made a nice contour then put some 1708 over it to seal it all up.

The transom starts here - http://www.hydrostreamforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1171&start=40

Hope that helps. :)
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