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89' Vegas V / 91' Yamaha ProV 200... Top speed set up, school me please

Have questions about setting up your boat? Engine height, setback, prop, etc.
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89' Vegas V / 91' Yamaha ProV 200... Top speed set up, school me please

Post: # 26411Post HydroVegas701 »

Hey guys, new to the forum & need schooling!

I just bought my first power boat, a beautiful 89' Vegas V with a 91' yamaha ProV 200. It was a blast this summer, but like everything else I want more top end lol. After talking to more knowledgeable boat guys and reading up on the forums I'm slowly learning, but still very fresh in the outboard game.

So right now I have a 6" hydraulic jack plate with a 27p Comp Fury prop, do have a water pressure gauge. After playing with trim all summer and practicing I could only ever get 74mph out of it & I hear of guys talking about 85-95 mph... So obviously my set up ain't working!

Now I can't remember what my RPM's were at WOT with the fury, it is a stock ProV 200. What is the optimal top end pitch this motor can handle, will it do a 29 or stick to 27?

What is the spline size on the factory leg, so I know what props will attach?

Also excuse my lack of knowledge, but can I run a lightning ET or Mazco R.E.? Cause i'm pretty sure the ProV is prop through exhaust and to me I don't see holes in those props such as the Bravo 1 OC.

Set back length?

Low water pick up for the ProV?

Barrel length for this type of boat?

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Hydrostream Addict
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Re: 89' Vegas V / 91' Yamaha ProV 200... Top speed set up, school me please

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Congratulations, first power boat and its a Stream. I can't answer all your questions, but I'll share some typical beliefs about your hull and set up.

The Vegas V hull is used with the Vulture and others, and they are known to like a lot of setback.

To go faster, you'll want to use a surfacing prop, like the RE. A jacked up, over the hub, surfacing prop will be more efficient at high speeds.

So, yes, you'll need a low water pickup, a surfacing prop, maybe more setback. Also, steering will need to be in top condition after these mods.

Be safe. :boating:
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